4 Days to Go!!


Hunstanton and District Round Table organise the Hunstanton Firework Display and the Christmas Day Swim, both of which raise many thousands of pounds and all of which is donated to good causes in the local area.

The Sunset Festival is one of the key events in the calendar for Hunstanton Roundtable. Members give their time freely to host this event, raise funds and support people within the Hunstanton area.

This year we are celebrating our 60th Charter and we would like everyone to come and celebrate it with us at the Sunset Festival and we are working hard to make it a fun packed family event.

There is an amazing band line up and other attractions to bring you everything you could want for a great day and/or night out! Check out our website for full details www.hunstantonsunset.com

We are looking for companies to support us through the purchase of a choice of advertising options

tomorrow is the cut off date for Banners to be made up.


Out and about

So some of the guys have been out and about busily putting up banners for the festival. It just shows their commitment to helping people that really need it.

If you can spare a £100 for a banner to show your support we would really appreciate it.

For more information on how you can join our sponsors for the festival please contact us at: